Kristy and Astrid organize opportunities for photographers to join them in beautiful, clear water areas to shoot underwater. For a long weekend, the group will go together to multiple locations to enjoy and photograph two experienced underwater models in natural settings. While there is a focus on creating art with the nude form a few props and wardrobe pieces (like mermaid tails!) are provided at each location. Most of this workshop will take place underwater, with an occasional chance to shoot at beaches or above water areas special to the locations.

Our events are currently held at the Cenotes in Mexico or springs in Florida.


Workshop are all inclusive. Once you arrive to the meeting spot on the first day of the event, meals, housing, and location fees are all covered along with model talent. Exclusions are alcohol and additional equipment or souvenirs.


Kristy and Astrid both have years of experience modeling and, speicifically, modeling underwater. They're both trained free divers and scuba divers as well. They'll be able to give some camera and housing help and guidance, for photographers open and wanting assitance.


Each location has wonderful clarity under the water. We take everyone to a variety of locations for different sceneries and settings


Each event is only open to 4 photographers. This way the event can be flexible to what each photographer wants to capture and ensures plenty of time to shoot! We’ll be photographing sunrise to sun down most days, with breaks to eat, rest, and warm up. Shooting time between photographers is determined at the workshop based on how the photographers preferences. Kristy and Astrid model individually and together through out the workshop for a variety of looks. We provide an opportunity during the weekend to shoot at the beach or other beautiful above water area, but mainly this event focuses on shooting under or in water. Sometimes the exact shoot locations are not pre-determined because water, lighting, weather, and crowd conditions vary on the day and season, but we guarantee a lot of unique locations!

A suggested packing list and more detailed instruction packet is provided after sign up.

Other questions and concerns can be answered by Kristy or Astrid! Feel free to get in contact by email or messenger on social media!

This event is for any photographers interested in underwater. Some experience is necessary. You will need to know how to use your camera and swim underwater. You do not need any formal dive training ahead of time. We have one camera and underwater housing available to rent for events, but suggest bringing what you’re familiar with. The water has great clarity for shooting, and Kristy and Astrid have a lot of experience posing underwater. So you only need to be comfortable directing a camera while underwater. Floats are provided during the event to conserve energy between takes.

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