Create with Sirens in Florida  


Kristy and Astrid host a Create with Sirens Event in High Springs, Florida. Join for a unique underwater art experience exploring the natural beauty of the springs. 



What happens in Florida?

Kristy and Astrid organize an opportunity for photographers to join them in Florida to shoot with two experienced models underwater in the springs. For a three days, the group will go together to multiple springs for a variety of beautiful natural environments.  Most of the event will be focused on capturing art with the nude form, but Kristy and Astrid also provide a few props and wardrobe pieces (like mermaid tails!). Most of this workshop will take place underwater, but one morning will be spent photographing at a local horse farm at sunrise.

The event takes place over 3 days. Last year, we met on a Saturday before the event, so we can focus on shooting the following three days (Sunday-Tuesday). People had time to pack and leave the Wednesday morning after the event.

Over the three days, we visit multiple springs each day. The springs are chilly, around 70 degrees F year around. Florida stays relatively warm year around. During the winter months, the Florida springs are often home to manatees and other amazing wild life. The springs are beautiful for their grasses, caves, cypress trees, and sandy bottoms.

The springs are typically clear, but since weather can affect their clarity, we can not predetermine which springs we will go to until the weekend of the event! Springs are natural openings where water emerges from an aquifer deep in the ground. Hence why the water is so clear and bottled for drinking water.



-transportation to and from the airport, springs, and restaurants

-meals and snacks excluding alcohol

-a private bedroom

-location entry fees



Early Bird Special will be determined when the next event is set up.

We do accept payment plans!

To secure your spot and the early bird special, we need a $1000 deposit. Full payment is due a month in advance of the workshop. 

Payments taken through venmo, paypal, cashapp, or zelle

Email Kristy or Astrid to sign up and begin payment process


Other questions and concerns can be answered by Kristy or Astrid! Feel free to get in contact by email or messenger on social media!

This event is for any photographers interested in underwater. Some experience is necessary as far as understanding your camera equipment and ability to swim underwater, but expertise in diving isn't required. We have one camera and underwater housing available to rent for the event, but suggest bringing what you're familiar with. This is an easy shooting event and even beginning underwater photographers enjoy their experience. 



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