Create With Sirens in Mexico


Joining us this year for November 9-13, 2024 is Raven Lynette!


 Kristy and Raven host the next Create With Sirens Event in Merida, Mexico. Join for a unique underwater art experience exploring the natural beauty of the Cenotes.

 Our Nov 9-13 event is limited to 4 photographers. Sign up here!

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What happens in Mexico?

Kristy and Raven organize an opportunity for photographers to join them, two experienced underwater models, in Mexico to photograph underwater in the Cenotes and ocean during a long weekend.  While the event is focused on art made with the nude form, a few props and wardrobe pieces (like mermaid tails!) will also be provided. Most of this workshop will take place underwater, with the opportunity to shoot at a few above water nature locations.



-transportation to and from the airport, cenotes, and restaurants

-meals (alcohol excluded)

-a private bedroom

-entry and camera fees for the cenotes



Cost of a spot is $3100 for early bird, and $3300 after July 31.

We do accept payment plans!

To secure your spot, we need a $1000 deposit. Full payment is due September 1, 2024

Payments taken through venmo, paypal, cashapp, or zelle

Email Kristy to sign up and begin payment process

Typical Schedule

Photography takes place over 3 days, Sunday-Tuesday. We will take photographers to multiple locations for photos over the three days. We provide breakfast in the morning at the Airbnb. After we'll head to the location to start shooting around 8am and end around 5pm. Snacks are provided throughout the day. Dinner takes place at a local restaurant in the evening. 
Photographers are picked up at the airport in the afternoon on the Saturday prior to the event, and dropped off at the airport the following Wednesay morning. 


Cenotes are large sinkholes and caves with fresh or brackish water along the Yucatan Pennisula formed by the erosion of the limestone over centuries. The cenotes offer many landscapes and settings from lilypads and mangroves to caves and stalagmites!

The cenotes are typically clear, but since weather and popularity can affect their clarity, we do not predetermine which springs we will go to until the weekend of the event!

Over two of the three days, we’ll visit 1-3 cenotes a day depending on the variety at each cenote. The parking area is often right in front of the cenote, so there isn't much walking involved at all, but be prepared to carry your belongings to the cenote from the van! Often there are stairs involved.

Other questions and concerns can be answered by Kristy! Feel free to get in contact by email or messenger on social media!

This event is for any photographers interested in underwater. Some experience is necessary as far as understanding your camera equipment and an ability to swim underwater. Diving experience is not required and floats are provided. We have one camera and underwater housing available to rent for the event, but suggest bringing what you're familiar with. This is an easy shooting event, and this is a good experience for newer as well as experienced underwater photographers. The Cenotes have great clarity for shooting, and Meghan and Astrid have a lot of experience posing underwater. 

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