Have you wanted to try photographing underwater?

I offer a special opportunity for photographers to shoot underwater using my camera and underwater housing. I can provide a Sony a7iii and my underwater housing by Seafrog. Just bring your own SD card to put in the camera and take all the photos with you! There is no additional charge to using my camera and housing, but you will need access to a pool or location with the opportunity to shoot underwater. 

 I have been modeling underwater since 2015. Over the years, I've gained a lot of experience to model in a variety of underwater conditions. While touring and traveling, I'm providing more opportunities for photographers to create underwater art. This is for photographers of all skill levels. If you've wanted to shoot underwater, please contact me for more information and we can discuss to possibilities!  

Other Opportunities!

During my travels sometimes I will have access to pools or natural water areas, which is great if you don't have a location yourself.

June 4: Book a few hours at 3Mi's studio in Bunker Hill, WV

Contact me for more information or with any questions!

Some Details

Lighting: For most space, natural light will be enough! If you want to shoot with artificial lighting, some photographers will use underwater LEDs or strobes, and some have places constant lights over the pool with a lot of weight. You can shoot at any time of day, but some shade or a light sheet spread over the top of the pool helps balance the light during the brightest times of the day.

Location: Note that just because the water looks clear, doesn't mean it is. The camera will pick up anything in the water. Sometimes instead of a crisp look, it'll look like there is a filter over the image. There are a lot of ways to clean a pool for a crisper look.

Not Familiar with Sony: That's okay! I am here to help you. You know photography and that's what is important. I'll show you how to adjust your ISO, Aperture, and shutter speed. If you have your own camera and housing, we can certainly try and work together to figure out how to set it for underwater. I recommend researching some tutorials online ahead of time though.

What you need: 

  • SD card
  • goggles or mask
  • preferably a weight belt or some weight to hold you underwater for easier balance. 
  • swimwear and a towel
Using Format