Welcome to the Southeast

The southeast region of the USA offers a range of beautiful outdoor locations. I've found lily ponds, waterfalls, caves, canyons, forests, springs, mountain tops, rapids, and more all around. The region has generally nice weather most of the year. Summers are hot and humid, but often shady and the winters are usually temperate and cloudy. We can plan your trip and discuss what sites you'll want to see. This excursion can be tailored to your hiking abilities, although some hiking will be necessary for most of the locations. 

What I Offer

I offer half and full day bookings for this opportunity.

Half Days cost $500 for 4 hours (1-2 locations)

Full Days are $1000 for 8 hours (2-3 locations)

We can drive together or separately. I will let you know the locations the week of so you have time to plan. Driving and hiking time is included in the booking time.  

Lunch and snacks are included. 

Underwater opportunities can be made available during certain times of the year. See more here for information on underwater opportunities for beginners

How it Works

For people out of town, I can pick you up at the Atlanta airport or a local location. For those driving themselves, we can begin when we meet at the first location.

During the booking process we'll arrange a phone discussion to choose locations based on proximity and weather. I will have some back up locations available incae the weather changes. If there is something you particularly want to capture, pleae let me know!

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