Michael Cosky Photography

If I had  milliondollars I'd shoot with Astrid every week. Whether I had a concept or not.Whether we made art or just mistakes. I would shoot with her. Every week.

Why? For me personally, she inspires me. Her body of work isimpressive and I hope to one day create that image that I believe holds up tothe many wow images in her port.

But, that's just part of it. I think perhaps more thananything, she believes in what she's doing and she believes in what you'redoing. At least that's what I take away from working with her. It doesn'tmatter if you're at your creative peak or just getting started. It's the desireto create that matters. What you're doing matters. It's important. That's justhow I feel.

So yes, she's talented, versatile and professional. She canbring your specific concept to life or together you can create something fromnothing. Her experience is invaluable and her calm and easy going demeanor is much appreciated as I can besomewhat of a spaz when I’m shooting.  ;)

I’ve shot with her 4 times now and every time I look forwardto the next.

Alexander Elkholy, alexanderelkholy.com

Astrid is the first example that comes to mind when I think of someone who approaches modeling as a craft. She treats it as her profession and her art, and with both she excels. 

She is a professional badass and when working with her I never had any doubts that she would be a breeze to work with. Even before and after doing a photoshoot, she is professional online and on social media. Her online presence is a brand that is both thoughtful and friendly, and her network is extensive.

 I think of Astrid as an artist. In that respect, the art that we created together and that I see her creating on social media both are subtle and expressive. She worked with me on concepts to find relatable stories and this helped us make several strong pieces of art together. This talent is something I see strongly in her personal work, and in working with other photographers.

Scott Myers Photography

When working with a model, I can tell when a model simply going through a routine of poses, and those who are putting their heart into the set, working the light, and trying to ensure amazing images are produced. 

 Astrid is one of the latter. She can read a setup and puts her heart into the shoot. It shows in the quality of her poses and expressions. She can bring an art concept to life weather it is a simple or complex setup. 

 I cannot speak highly enough of her.

Rich Yueh Photography- www.richyueh.com 

Astrid brought a complete modeling experience to our photo shoot. She seamlessly transitioned between the areas of our set and captured the essence of each one in her looks. Her confidence and experience inspired me to pursue new photographic styles that were showcased in our shoot.

Sarah Teveldal, Flashpoolproductions.com

Astridis one of those people who gets in front of your camera and all of the suddenevery little creative nerve in your body is set on fire and you don’t want toput your camera down, in fear that you’ll miss something.  At least that’smy experience in working with her, both underwater and above. The first time weshot together, I realized the value of working with an experienced professionalmodel. Astrid is highly aware of her expressions conveyed by her face and body.Her skills behind the camera as a photographer has given her the furtherability to understand lighting and composition from that viewpoint, which are avaluable addition to her modeling expertise. 

Impressedby her underwater modeling skills and her yearn to learn was the inspirationfor creating the Underwater Workshop. As an underwater photographer for 8years, I knew that there was a growing interest in people wanting to learn theart of underwater photography and movement. Astrid was the perfect person topartner with to offer this opportunity to others. Her professionalism and passionfor teaching others in these workshops has proved that! Not to mention, she issuper sweet, helpful and fun to be around - all wonderful qualities I look forwhen working with others.

Ican’t recommend Astrid enough and I look forward to our future projectstogether!

The18thLetter Photography

Artistic, beautiful, creative and talented are just a few adjectives to describe Astrid. She is the real deal, the ticket or as some would say “a boss”. Astrid elevates every project she is involved in with her professionalism and intelligence, she does not need any direction to pose. Astrid has an endless range of looks, her impressive versatility will bring any photographer’s vision to life regardless of the genre or concept of the shoot. Her warm personality and depth of spirit will leave you in awe and asking to shoot with her again and again. Without a doubt, Astrid is my favorite creative partner and will be yours too.

David Savoie/DCS images

I had the chance to work with Astrid for the first time during a two-day workshop I was co-hosting. She was a pleasure to work with, and a true professional. Over the course of two days in tough conditions, Astrid made the jobs of every photographer at the workshop a breeze. Easy to communicate with, and a true artist, I would highly recommend working with her if you have the chance.

Out take while shooting with Erynthepolymath.com while collaborating with make up and hair stylist Maddie Marissa (@maddiemarissa)

Photobombed by fish in Tahiti when shooting with Christian Coulombe (@smartshot_christian.coulombe)

Film capture by Luke Myers with his sweet dog

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